Extremely Rare Black Serval Spotted In The Wild

Spotting a black cat for the wildlife photographer was a stroke of luck, the British photographer Geroge Turner witnessed once in a life time moment while shooting from the Asilia Namiri Planis Camp in Tanzania, he captured a stunning photo of a very rare black serval. Serval is a highly secretive wild cat, native to Africa, she is known for its golden-yellow coat marked with black dots and stripes. So to get a photo of a completely black Serval is extremely hard.

“Can’t describe how mind-blowing this was … and still is,” the excited photographer wrote. “For context, even seeing a ‘normal’ Serval is tough. They’re shy, secretive cats that tend to live in tall grasses — the perfect combination for staying unnoticed. Every time I’ve been privileged enough to see them, my heart skips a beat.”

“When you do wildlife photography, you’re always searching for something rare and strange. It was absolutely incredible,” the photographer said back then.

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