Our planet is a tapestry of wondrous connections that surpass boundaries of language, culture, and even species. True bonds are built on the foundations of empathy, trust, and mutual respect. This story of a human and a majestic sea creature forming a bond, with the whale seeking help to rid itself of sea lice, stands as a testament to these profound connections. Such a distinctive friendship is indeed rare and precious.

Paco Jimenez Franco is a seasoned sea captain with more than 20 years of experience. Sailing in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon, he has encountered magnificent whales. Franco considers every sighting a beautiful gift – not everyone is so lucky to see these giants emerging from the depths.

The whales must’ve felt his admiration and respect for them because they would often approach his boat, carefully inspecting it. One time, Franco noticed that some of them had sea lice – parasites were attached to parts of the whales’ bodies. He suspected that they make whales uncomfortable and decided to help.

One day when a lady whale approached him close enough, he picked some lice off her. Clearly relieved, she approached him again so he could continue removing the parasites from her.

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