Liam Neeson is well-known for his role as the forceful character Byran Mills in the Taken series. However, behind the scenes, 70-year-old actor Liam Neeson was rendered powerless by “agonizing” spasms in his leg, which he later realized were caused by excessive coffee consumption.

Since the success of the Taken films, Liam Neeson has garnered increased notoriety as an actor in action thrillers. Memory, his most recent work, which was released in April 2022 and revolves around an accomplished assassin who becomes the target of a criminal organization, exemplifies how this has lasted long into his more recent career.

After suffering from his own bout of chronic pain, Neeson has been assisting GB News broadcaster Eamonn Holmes with his chronic pain away from the action. When the two were sitting next to each other on a plane, Neeson allegedly whispered to Holmes, “Rest is rust, and action is lotion.”

Neeson had previously spoken on Radio 5 Live about his own experience with leg cramps. “I was feeling cramps and shooting pains in my leg in the middle of the night,” the celebrity acknowledged at the time.

“I cried because the agony was excruciating.”

“A friend arranged for me to see the massage therapist who works with all of the Broadway dancers, and he treated me.”

Neeson was in excruciating pain and needed assistance to stop cramping, which a massage therapist was able to provide.

“He got rid of lactic acid crystals in my leg and subsequently,” the actor described his situation.

Lactic acid crystallizes into crystalline forms in the muscle as it accumulates. The longer the muscle is contracted, the larger these crystals become.

The muscle’s ability to flush out waste materials is reduced because of the restricted blood flow induced by increasing muscular density.

Lactic acid, a major muscular waste product, builds up when muscles are exercised over an extended period of time.

Drinking will not assist remove lactic acid after it has built up, according to Huddersfield Sports Massage Therapy. The majority of this acid is retained in by constantly tensed muscles.

These crystals then brush against pain-sensitive muscle fibers in the wounded muscle, causing severe pain and, because required nutrients are not delivered, incapacitating consequences on the body over time.

According to the Mayo Clinic, lactic acid buildup in muscles is common as a result of overuse and dehydration, but for Neeson, a significant percentage of the buildup was caused by his caffeine consumption.

“Do you drink a lot of coffee? “[The therapist] asked, and I replied yes,” Neeson added.

“After remarking, “I would maybe drop it” he urged me to switch to decaf.

“There was also a 90% reduction in cramping.”

After giving up caffeine and recognizing the effects it had on his painful cramps, Neeson claimed that he is now “addicted” to decaf tea, a healthy alternative to coffee.

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