When she gave birth in February, the 31-year-old Nigerian had no idea what was going to happen to her. Now she can easily tell the difference between her sons’ identical twins. Although Daniel and David were born just minutes apart, they look nothing alike.

Albino are the children of Stacey and Babajide, black people living in Lagos. Due to their strikingly different looks, the adorable twins often turn heads wherever they go.

David has stunning fair skin and golden hair, while Danielle has dark, curly black hair that looks a lot like her five-year-old sister Demilade. Stacey’s decision to share the odd couple’s activities on Instagram has seen the twins gain nearly 18,000 followers a year later.

Everyone was surprised when the twins were born on February 26 last year. “I didn’t know what was different when I was pregnant and was surprised when the scan results didn’t show much. The first twin (Daniel) had black hair and the second twin (David) had golden hair. .

I got CS and the doctors said, “It looks like you gave birth to non-identical twins.” Stacey, a mother of three, explains: “The next thing I knew the nurses had come and checked on them.” It was easy to tell the twins apart because one was black and the other white.

Stacey shared her husband’s candid reaction to the incident. “Their father was very happy and immediately named the second twin (David) ‘Golden’, so we affectionately call him Uncle.” gold. He was happy to see his sons. “He looked at them after 10 minutes and said he saw the amazing work of God and that this was his greatest gift.”

Nigeria has one of the highest rates of albinism in the world, with over 2 million confirmed or suspected cases. However, statistics show that members of this community are still stigmatized because of the color of their skin.

The more than 600,000 Nigerians with albinism face discrimination and harassment from peers, family, and communities, often resulting in employment problems and school failure. Stacey said she loves both her sons unconditionally and equally and no one has ever said a negative word to her.

“There’s always chatter whenever we go out and people often want to know how and what’s going on. Maybe because of their cute and cuddly personalities, they just want to come and say hi to us.”

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