August 5, 1999, marked a moment in the Sasuphan family’s history that would forever be etched in their memories. Sompon and her husband, Samrerng, were filled with joy with the arrival of their daughter that day. However, their happiness was tinged with a profound mixture of shock, fear, and disbelief.

According to Sompon, when their daughter was born, the doctor told her she had lots of hair, and Sompon assumed it was normal. The mother added in tears:

Sompon’s daughter Supatra Sasuphan, also known as Natty, shocked many medical experts who didn’t understand why she had long hair covering almost her entire body. The doctors in Thailand had never seen anyone who looked like her.

Doctors later said that Natty was born with Ambras syndrome, a very rare congenital skin disease. The condition’s rarity is so exceptional that there are only 50 documented cases recorded worldwide since the Middle Ages.

The disease causes excessive hair growth over a person’s entire body, except their palms, soles, and mucous membrane. Doctors have conducted modern studies on the condition, which has led them to believe this excessive hair growth is caused by a spontaneous mutation in the DNA sequence.

When Natty was born, and her mother wanted to leave the hospital, doctors wouldn’t release her because they thought she would run and abandon her child. However, Sompon explained:

“I told the doctor; I would never leave my child no matter what. We are lucky that she was born into our family.”

Natty grew up in a loving family, but not everyone was accepting of her condition as she faced some negativity growing up.

How Was Natty Growing Up?
Ambras syndrome is incurable and resistant to techniques such as laser removal or any treatment to slow its growth. Thus, Natty’s face was mostly hidden behind thick hair growing up. At school, she was bullied and ridiculed due to her physical condition. She was called “wolf girl” and “monkey face.”

She also shared several pictures of them, and in these pictures, Natty’s face was free of facial hair, which made many people think that she had been cured of her condition.

Her father revealed that she had simply made the decision to shave her facial hair, leading to her new look. Natty’s eyes, face, mouth, lips, and cheeks are now visible. It is only her forehead that is covered with the hair on her head.

Natty, who has found love and happiness, is determined to keep living a positive life and become a government officer who helps society.

The young woman has become active on social media once again, sharing several photos of her new style. Natty is seen smiling and enjoying life with her loved ones, feeling confident and happy rocking her short hair and hair-less appearance.

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