An 800lb bride faced heartbreak when her fiancé left her post a significant weight loss. Now, she has rediscovered love, aspiring to reclaim the title of America’s largest bride.

In 2013, 36-year-old Susanne Eman of Arizona shed pounds, reaching 450, in preparation for her wedding to chef Parker Clack. She even had a colossal wedding gown made. However, days before the wedding, Clack, unhappy with her weight loss, called off the marriage.

Despite a $90,000 income as a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), the 800lb bride entered a slimming clinic due to her children’s health concerns. The perfect plans shattered when Clack ended their engagement. “Everything was supposed to be perfect, and then he split,” Susanne lamented to Inside Edition. Dumped and discontent with her smaller figure, Susanne decided to regain the lost weight, quickly reaching 600 pounds.

However, along with her former size, she also discovered a new love.

Her new partner, 36-year-old chef Nick Abbate, shares similarities with her previous fiancé. Nick, once morbidly obese, now weighs 168 pounds, creating a unique love story of transformation.

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