Woman left ‘looking like Monsters Inc character’ after allergic reaction to lip filler

A woman had such an extreme allergic reaction after getting lip filler, that her lips ballooned to ‘eight times’ their normal size leaving her ‘looking like a character from Monsters Inc’

After feeling like her lips were disproportionately small compared to the rest of her facial features, Kailee Jones decided to get some lip filler for the first time.

However, she soon regretted her decision after having 1ml injected across her top and bottom lips.

That’s because, within one hour of the appointment, the 23-year-old technology graduate noticed her lips had begun to swell rapidly.

Kailee’s lips ended up ballooning to ‘eight times’ their normal size leaving her looking like a character from Monsters Inc – which she believes is due to an allergic reaction.

She says she attempted to calm the swelling with ice, but this only seemed to make things worse.
Kailee went viral after sharing snaps of her lips online (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Kailee thinks she had an allergic reaction (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

For the next 48 hours after the appointment, the technology consultant found herself unable to talk or drink normally due to her incredibly sore and swollen ‘sausage lips’.

Many of her pals pointed out that the swelling made her look like the character Fungus from the Disney Pixar film, Monsters, Inc.

The three-eyed villain is left with giant, red lips after being sucked into a ‘scream extractor’ machine.

Kailee, from Philadelphia, US, has now shared shocking images of her giant lips to warn people about the risks of allergic reactions to filler.

She said: “I’ve always had thinner lips and they disappear when I smile so I wanted to make them fit my face a little bit more.

“Everything went well at the appointment and the first hour after it started swelling but I think it was just normal because they do swell.

People compared it to Fungus from Monsters Inc

“I kept icing them and I think that the ice might have made it worse because then they really started to blow up.

“Once it hit after an hour or two they were really big and then it was 48 hours of them being that big.

“I couldn’t drink anything or even open my mouth to talk – I couldn’t speak.

“I would say they were eight times the size of my normal lips, it was unreal. I looked like the Monsters, Inc. character.”

After noticing the swelling, Kailee spoke with her doctor and was prescribed a week-long course of oral steroids to calm the swelling.

The doctor also warned her that she was at risk of her throat closing due to the dramatic swelling on her lips, which they worried may travel to her neck.

Thankfully the swelling began to subside after three days and the reaction passed without needing further treatment or for the filler to be dissolved.

Kailee explained: “The pictures don’t even really show how big they were, it was crazy.

“It was very painful. I was scared it was going to go to my throat, which is what doctors said it could do, and my throat could close basically.

“That was my biggest fear and then also just thinking ‘are they stuck like this?’.

“They went down after three days and then after that it wasn’t too bad.”

After posting snaps of her lips online, many people vowed to never get filler after seeing the severe reaction.

One commenter said: “She looks like the guy out of Monsters, Inc. you know Fungus when he gets sucked [by] the machine.”

Another said: “The scream extractor got another.”

A third replied: “[Oh my god] I thought she glued sausages on her lips as a joke but I guess [they’re] real.”

The technology consultant says that the painful experience initially put her off getting filler again, although she hasn’t ruled it out now that her lips have settled.

Kailee added: “Once the swelling went down they were completely fine.

“I definitely am scared of getting them done again but I do like the way they look now, so I don’t know if I will.”

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