When the wife receives the husband’s divorce letter, she responds brilliantly.

Usually, when you fall in love, you think the relationship would last forever. In actuality, things don’t always go as planned, and people frequently get estranged from one another.
One guy thought it would be easier to break up with his wife if he simply sent her a letter outlining his reasons for doing so. He didn’t anticipate that his choice would backfire, though, as his smart wife’s response had a lesson for him. This is amusing and smart in equal measure!

Dear Wife,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you for good. I’ve been a good man to you in our 7 years of marriage & I have nothing to show for it.

These last 2 weeks have been tough for me. Your boss notified me that you quit your job today & that was just too much to bear any longer.
Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers.
You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife.






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