Macaulay Culkin’s path from child star to troubled figure is marked by tragedy. Despite early fame, his family faced financial strain, living in cramped quarters. Culkin’s relationship with his father was marred by mistreatment and control, worsened by a bitter custody battle.

He took legal action to protect his wealth amidst fame’s pressures, retiring early due to paparazzi harassment and public scrutiny. His friendship with Michael Jackson brought solace but also controversy amidst abuse allegations.

After spending much of his childhood on movie sets, serving as a cash cow for his parents, teenage Macaulay Culkin had become burned out. He desperately wanted to take some time off. “I just wanted a little bit of a break. I wanted a summer vacation for the first time in, you know, forever,” Culkin told Time.

As he explained while appearing on “Larry King Live,” the pace at which he was working had taken a toll on him. “I did 14 movies in six years, which is more than two a year, and just kind of pumping them out,” he explained. “And I was at this point where I wanted to take a break … I always joke, ‘Yeah, I retired at 14.’”

After his “retirement,” Culkin began reveling in living a typical teenager’s life, including attending high school at the Professional Children’s School, which caters to child actors and other kids involved in creative careers. Even though he’d stopped making movies and retreated from Hollywood, his fame remained undiminished, something he realized when he dyed his hair crazy colors. “I did purple and I did pink and I did orange, and they made such a big deal out of it — it was on the cover of People!” he told New York Magazine.

Macaulay Culkin’s older sister, Dakota, was hit by a car while walking in Los Angeles. Just a year older than the “Home Alone” star, she died shortly after the accident. Speaking with Esquire more than a decade later, Culkin reflected on the tragic loss. “She passed away 11 years ago tomorrow,” he said. “Tonight,” he added, as in 11 years to the day, “was the last time I talked to her, and she passed away overnight, kinda thing.”

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