Kitten Found All Alone Near Forest, Climbs on Cyclists and Won’t Let Go

A little kitten was all alone and scared when a couple found him, the little kitten didn’t want to come near the couple, but when the kitty realized that the couple meant no harm, she walked up to Celine. “We were on a very quiet road passing through a forest with no houses nearby, when we suddenly heard a loud screeching noise coming from a patch of bracken (fern) on the side of the road,” Céline told Love Meow.

“At first, we thought it was some kind of bird so we stopped and tried to see where the noise was coming from. And there she was, a frightened little kitten, crying.”

The couple decided to rush back home, so when they got home they picked up a box and immediately headed back to the kitten.
“As soon as I got out of the car and called her, she got out of her hiding spot in the ferns and came running towards me,” Céline told Love Meow.

The little kitten jumped right into her arms as if she was ready to go home with them.

“She spent her first evening giving my husband a thank-you grooming session.” So they decided to named the cat Mini Kitty.
“She is a lovely cat, very friendly and playful. As soon as she hears us getting up, she runs up the stairs to greet us by purring and head butting us,” Céline told Love Meow.

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