Puppy Escapes From Home, Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

Puppy Escapes From Home, Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

Marshall the three-month-old puppy managed to escape from his roof and immediately regretted his decision, when he saw what he had done he tried to go back inside the house.He first scratched on the door and after that he used his nose to ring the doorbell, thankfully the whole scene was captured by a surveillance camera. Someone in the house heard Marshall ringing the door bell and let his back inside the house.

My dog would’ve wandered off in search of attention and food, and also driven by a need to pee on and smell everything in varying orders. Kudos to Marshall for being the goodest of good boys and wanting to go back inside where he could safely and happily wait for his dad.

Greg Basel’s home security camera revealed that his dog, Marshall, knew exactly how to get back inside the house after he escaped on September 25.Marshall can be seen approaching Basel’s front door and ringing the doorbell with his nose to let Dad know that he was ready to come back inside! Marshall is such a good boy, and he was soon let inside by his relieved, but slightly confused, family.






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