Wild animals have to be in nature and not being closed in cages but sadly there are a lot of animals that are forced to live away from their natural habitat. When Vicky Keahey rescued Lambert the Lion in June 2014, he first saw him and he looked more like a puppy dog than a mighty lion. Vicky Keahey – founder of the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center is one of these kind people. Lambert was in a miserable condition back in 2014 when his rescuers found him, A cruel man illegally bought the lion cub and kept him as a pet and then he decided he didn’t want the wild animal anymore.

“The previous owners obtained him illegally as a pet for their young children,” Angela Culver, media director at the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue told Bored Panda. “After a short time, the family decided they could not keep him, so we were contacted asking if we could take him, which of course we were happy to do.”

The little lion cub found comfort in a blanket and couldn’t sleep without it. “We had heard from the previous owners that he slept in the bed with the grandfather,” Vicky told The Dodo. “So I got him a blanket, went into the enclosure and put the blanket in one of the corners. He curled up on that blanket and he went right to sleep. Ever since then, I always give him a blanket.”

The wild animal has made a full recovery thanks to the team effort and it’s now unrecognizable.The little cub now is a grown up animal but still needs his favorite blanket with him.

“He has 7,000 sq. ft. worth of space to run around in, which includes a covered den area for shade and protection from the weather and a sunny, grassy playground with the pool he loves to play in,” Angela Culver said. “He is just like any other 2 year-old lion in that he is active and playful, and is full of cattitude. You know where you stand with him.”

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