German Shepherd Dog Cares For Orphaned And Injured Fawns

German Shepherd Dog Cares For Orphaned And Injured Fawns

German shepherds are known that they make fantastic companions and are often praised for their fearlessness, a 9-year-old German Shepherd named Sarge lives in Ohio in a regular home covered by nature. While he lives in a home covered by nature it make it also a home to all kinds of wildlife especially for deer. When Sarge owner brought home a orphaned fawn everything suddenly changed for the dog.

“Something clicked in Sarge and he took to Buckwheat instantly,” “He wanted to be involved with every aspect of Buckwheat’s care.” “He took on the role of being Buckwheat’s guardian,” she added. “None of the other dogs were allowed near the baby.”

The fawn named Buckwheat was happy to accept Sarge as his surrogate father, Sarge patiently moved at the baby’s pace.

“When I walk in the door carrying a fawn, Sarge springs into action,” “He wants to check them over and he will frantically sniff and nose around to determine their condition.” “The fawns are drawn to Sarge and feel safe in his presence. Sarge won’t leave their side.”

“It is my hope that these pictures will help others see just how loving and affectionate deer are. They have a soul, just like us humans,” “If a dog can love and care for deer, people can, too.”, Stephen told The Dodo.






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